Welcome to AKIMEJI!

An one-man company focused on deliver high-quality products and services to people around the world!

*Bug fix after 4 yrs: Padoru now works correctly
*Regional lower prices for LATAM and other Countries
*Build: Gradle-8.1
*JvmTarget: 17
*TargetSdkVersion: 33
*Kotlin: 1.9.10
*Deps Update: android.material:1.9.0
*Deps Update: core-ktx:1.9.0
*Deps Update: fragment-ktx:1.5.5
*Deps Update: billing-ktx:5.1.0
*Deps Update: okhttp:5.0.0-alpha.10
*Deps Update: firebase-ktx:lastest
*Deps Update: exoplayer-core:2.18.2
~Many others...

*Akimeji v1.9 Rebuild was to ensure we could operate the platform in a secure and performant fashion in the future.

This site v1.001
"nextjs": "14.1.0"
"react": "^18"
"daisyui": "^3"
"tailwindcss": "^3"
"typescript": "^5"
"node": "^20"
"@netlify/plugin-nextjs": "4.28.1"
"OS": "Ubuntu Focal 20.04" 
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