Report Copyright Infringement

If you identify any art or content on Akimeji that you believe infringe your copyright, you can let us know using any of the methods explained on these pages. Before making a report concerning any possible copyright infringement, please consider the following:

  • Please only report infringement of your own copyright, or the copyright of someone you are authorized to represent If you believe that someone elseโ€™s copyright is being infringed, please tell them and direct them to this page.

  • Please do not report copyright infringement unless you have a genuine claim If you make groundless or malicious reports of copyright infringement. You may also be liable for damages (including costs and legal fees) incurred by Akimeji, the person whose tracks you report and/or any copyright owner or authorized licensee, as the result of tracks being removed in reliance on your notice.

  • Please provide detail the more information we have regarding your claim, the quicker we can process your notice.

Send to this email: [email protected]